The Avaloq Academy is all about developing people. It helps finance professionals and technology specialists from the entire Avaloq ecosystem to work as efficiently and effectively as possible with our solutions and beyond.

Getting deeper insights

The Academy addresses a broad set of concepts and methods relevant to the Avaloq environment. It offers courses and certification that reflect Avaloq’s expanding product portfolio, its increasing involvement in fintech functionality and integration, and its introduction of open APIs and the Avaloq Software Exchange marketplace.

Learn around the globe

As part of this expansion, we run ambitious programmes of specialized courses and certification in collaboration with our partners. Participants from all over the world can complete our courses which are delivered online using our live interactive training facilities.

To encourage continuous professional development, we also provide a series of accreditation courses, available online or face to face every six months, that enable Avaloq certified professionals to keep their skills and expertise fully up to date.