The Avaloq Software Exchange is an online marketplace that gives our clients direct access to more than 90 certified apps, adapters and BankletsTM, offering new tools and experiences for bank clients and staff.

Software Exchange with 90+ digital banking apps and adapters

All these products use our data and integrate directly with Avaloq functionality. They utilize our orchestration and data access layers, integrated via standard web services and deliver a seamless and consistent user experience.

The Software Exchange provides an ever-expanding library of assets for Avaloq clients and a great business opportunity for third-party developers.

Embrace open banking with confidence

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Avaloq’s open APIs

Apps on the Software Exchange use our growing library of open REST APIs to integrate directly with Avaloq’s data and business logic. This standard method of integration ensures users get the fast, frictionless experience they need, while helping you keep clients’ data securely under your control. And these open APIs aren’t only available to fintechs - they can be used by anyone to integrate new and existing services with the Avaloq Banking Suite, quickly and easily.

Watch the digital advisory experience and see how third-party fintech solutions are integrated to provide a seamless experience.

Seamless integration around a single data model

Apps offered on the Software Exchange are integrated, via the REST APIs, with Avaloq’s unique data model. Using a single data model for all business functions eliminates the danger of errors or data loss. With one data model covering your end-to-end banking solution and every fintech solution integrated via our open REST APIs, your clients and staff are guaranteed a high-quality, risk-free user experience.