Business APIs sit at the heart of modern internet applications. In the Avaloq platform, we bring together the power of standardized APIs with flexible extensibility.

While our APIs allow developers to use and integrate with Avaloq functionality straight out of the box, we also provide the frameworks and tooling to enable you to build your own APIs to suit your specific needs.

It’s a powerful combination that lays the foundations for open banking and for the creation of comprehensive, rapidly adaptable UIs.

Embrace open banking with confidence

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Interface the way you choose

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all method for integrating with banking platforms, so we provide many different ways of interacting with Avaloq.

We support asynchronous messaging middleware, such as JMS. Business functionality can be exposed through SOAP and REST APIs, and Avaloq provides a wide range of ready-to-use business APIs. Data reports can be used directly within UIs or exposed as a service, using our flexible reporting engine.

All our APIs are secure and can be exposed to third parties or customers directly. Our modern approach to cyberthreats ensures your data and users are always protected.

Extending the service layer

When you need your own services in this layer whether it’s to implement asynchronous interfaces or to develop state-of-the-art REST services you’ll find the tools you need in our comprehensive software development kit. The SDK provides model objects you can use to manipulate data from our core system, with cross-cutting capabilities to ensure common security and session functionality.

The SDK also makes it easy to develop custom services that expose platform functionality and combine data from external systems with our core data.