Our UIs come in the form of modules that can be combined and recombined to create powerful web applications that match your clients’ needs. As long as our APIs and our SPIs are used, it doesn’t matter whether a module is your own creation, an Avaloq product or something developed by a third party.

A UI framework that’s fast and flexible

Avaloq provides a set of UI libraries, run-time services and development tools that make integrating with your web applications fast and simple. This makes it quick and easy to:

Modify your applications’ navigation flows

Build in device-aware functionality

Share UI modules created by different teams and providers

Customize UI components

Maximize browser caching

Combine cross-domain content safely, without prejudicing the privacy of your server-side system

A comprehensive and well-designed toolkit

Developers building a UI module with our framework will come across many practical examples of the close attention to detail that has gone into its design. We've built our UI widgets with AngularJS (Google), so you can make full use of the complete single page application provided by AngularJS. We give you tooling and common-sense defaults, so you don't have to decide for yourself how to make your UIs deployable, discoverable, configurable, translatable and styleable. And if you need something specific that we have not provided, you can easily extend our widgets and tools to meet your requirements.

Build great user experiences

To help you make the most of the framework, we provide:

  • A library of UI widgets to build forms and reports
  • A common container for UI modules
  • An application container in which your UI modules can be orchestrated safely and securely
  • Server-side services to manage assets and configuration details common to all the modules in the system
  • Development tools that allow web developers a great deal of freedom before their work is integrated into the server
  • Style theme tooling that lets you treat look-and-feel and UX separately from other UI development concerns
  • Live documentation that gives you opportunities to experiment with the features of our framework