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Getting ready to send your application? Check our FAQ.

What tips do you have for me as a candidate?
Find out about the company. Do some research about Avaloq before you apply. What kind of position are you looking for? Would our sometimes hectic, non-hierarchical working environment be right for you? What skills and experience do you have to offer? Where can you add value? Apply for jobs that match your aspirations as well as your skills.

Does Avaloq accept applications from people who will need to get a work permit?
We advise all candidates to make sure they hold a valid work permit for the country where they hope to work.

What matters most when I’m contacting Avaloq?
Your CV, or résumé, is your personal business card. It’s the key to getting an interview, so really put some time into presenting yourself well. We want to know as much as possible about who you are and where you might fit in. Proofread everything you’re going to send to us. Quality counts in our business.

If I’m applying for a job in another country, do I need to know the language?
Our business language around the world is English. Unless a job posting mentions it as an essential qualification, knowing the local language is not a requirement, though it is bound to be an advantage.

What kinds of training can you offer me?
Avaloq has a comprehensive and ambitious training strategy for its employees, with sophisticated programmes aimed at encouraging personal growth and equipping our people to handle both today’s tasks and tomorrow’s challenges. We offer a broad range of courses and training opportunities, including the Avaloq certification programme for software developers, business analysts and consultants, and there are many opportunities to participate in relevant technology and banking conferences.