We design our apps for two sorts of people – your clients and your employees – with their real-life day-to-day needs in mind. Our deep insight into people’s roles and requirements and the activities involved is embodied in intuitive and efficient software that will please and impress your clients. And it’s not just about coding and development. Design thinking is built into everything we do. We write, build, implement and run software for people. 

We write software to delight your clients

Our software is designed to help you serve the many different sorts of client you work with. Whether your clients are classic wealth management investors, family businesses, digital natives or retail savers, we offer an experience you can fine-tune to their exact needs. At the same time, we make your employees more efficient, so they can deliver a better, faster service that will surprise and delight every category of client.

Different banks, different roles, different needs: one-size-fits-all won’t do

We write software to delight your staff

Your people are different. Their roles are different and their needs are different. So why would you want to compromise with a one-size-fits-all software solution? At Avaloq, we have a deep understanding of the needs of different banks, from retail banks to wealth managers, and the wide range of activities your staff are engaged in. When we design software, we design it so it’s tailored to match the specific needs and functions of each individual role.

Avaloq’s human-centred design approach

People first, software second

If you want your banking software to help transform your business, it’s going to have to be built around the individuals who use it. When you’re a company that doesn’t just build software but also operates it, day in and day out, like we do for our SaaS and BPaaS clients, this becomes very clear. As a result, we know design thinking mustn’t just be about how we build our software. It goes to the heart of how we sell it, implement it, support it and run it as well. 

What our clients say

“The online banking solution from Avaloq means customer-centricity at its best.”

Simon Leumann

COO, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank