With our STP rates of up to 100% and reversal rates averaging 0.05%, we’ve long led the drive for digital efficiency.

But today’s target is bigger – a full end-to-end digital solution, combining this efficiency with a flexible, responsive digital user experience. 

We’ve been working on this for several years now. We give you functionality to help with every step of the client journey. Tight integration with the core data guarantees a smooth cross-channel experience, all built on the solid foundation of a modern, open platform based on industry standards.

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Deliver a great user experience fast with our secure cloud-based services. Avaloq web and mobile solutions delivered as a service offer the broadest application of digital capability available today.

Comprehensive self-service tools, as well as tightly integrated web and mobile banking, will delight your clients

A vast range of financial information from Avaloq and third-party providers

Collaboration tools that bring clients and advisers closer together 

Mobile workplace for advisers and relationship managers

Online wealth advisory services

Online client acquisition and on-boarding

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The client journey is what counts

Your prospects and clients have changed the way they make financial decisions. It doesn’t happen face-to-face in a room at the bank any more. It’s a process and it involves you, the client, the internet and the client’s friends and colleagues.

Decisions are made on the move, often after a sequence of conversations or contacts, often after many physical and virtual interactions, perhaps including robo-advisory. Your digital solution has to focus on usability. And we do, right the way from our new front office workplace for relationship managers through to our web and mobile portal for clients.

Great design, with no compromises

Creating a great user experience is all about great design. It’s about looking at the needs and work patterns of the user and designing interactive experiences that boost efficiency and amplify effectiveness. It’s about creating an interface that uses the power of digital to offer clients a better experience, highlighting the important points and actively guiding them through the choices and actions facing them.

Our passion for design shows up in every aspect of our product. It’s central to our thinking and it’s deeply embedded in everything we do.

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The foundation is the platform

The digital experience will ultimately span every system you have. But that won’t work without consistent methods of creating and integrating that experience. Modern UIs use agile technologies like AngularJS, Java, JVM and Node JS, interacting with underlying systems through standard web services and linked to marketplaces that offer plug-ins and add-ons. But Avaloq goes a step further. We provide a reliable technology platform that orchestrates and integrates your UI, all delivered in the form of SaaS. It’s the perfect solution. You get to focus on the creative work and we take care of the rest.


The power to add more

The final element of our digital offering is a thriving marketplace which is full of practical solutions that integrate with Avaloq right out of the box.


Innovating together

Using our open developer portal, external developers have built a range of helpful add-ons and plug-ins that work seamlessly with Avaloq, integrate directly with our core data and are automatically orchestrated through our platform.


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Implementing a private banking business in six months

Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. has set up an offshore branch in
Hong Kong and chosen Avaloq to provide comprehensive digital wealth management services to its high-net-worth clients.

Watch the interview with Joseph Tam, Managing Director of Industrial Bank, to find out more.

Banking leaders go digital

Many of our clients – from household names like Barclays and Deutsche Bank to specialist private banks like Reichmuth & Co, Edmond de Rothschild and Falcon Private Bank – are already making the most of the new opportunities offered by our digital banking solutions.

Vontobel, a leading Swiss private bank and wealth management specialist, had already stepped up to digital. But it wanted a more powerful and flexible solution to support advanced web and mobile services for its clients and external asset managers. Avaloq’s digital banking solution was chosen for its modern, responsive UI, its integration of core data with front-end functionality and its use of standard technologies like AngularJS, which make it effectively future-proof. Vontobel also valued Avaloq’s seamless integration of third-party Banklets (TM) to provide extra functions like chat and market information.

“The online banking solution from Avaloq means customer-centricity at its best.”

Simon Leumann

COO, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank

“This solution will certainly help us bring our business to the next level, in line with the BBVA Group’s digital transformation strategy, and supporting our company’s philosophy – customer-centric, simple, reliable and global.”

Alfonso Gómez

CEO, BBVA Global Wealth

“By switching our web banking solution to Avaloq, we provide our customers with a state-of-the-art online banking experience.”

Marcel Hurschler

CFO, Luzerner Kantonalbank