Our developer portal encourages banks and fintechs of all sizes to swap ideas and innovate with us.

It’s a treasure house of useful resources, crammed with development packages, documentation, example code and specialist user forums.
So, whether you're working on a UI component to sit on top of our existing APIs, building new data APIs or integrating third-party functionality, you’ll find the developer portal is a mine of practical information and advice.

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For UI developers

Use our live-coding environment to test-drive our widgets, learn how to integrate your UI into the orchestration layer and explore how the central resource service can help you style all your BankletsTM with one deployed CSS asset.

For application developers

Learn how to implement your own business idea by leveraging existing Avaloq APIs and expose your business logic as services to the ecosystem.

For presentation layer integrators

Learn how to unify UI modules – yours, ours and even third-party contributions – through our central resource service and customize an application with orchestration.