Banking is all about the client. Your client data is right at the heart of your business. But many of today’s banks and wealth managers are finding it hard to move forward because of the limitations of inflexible and clogged up core banking systems. The best core banking software removes this threat to your future, enabling you to adapt to the fast-changing business environment and launch new services.

Avaloq’s core banking software is a fast, flexible platform designed for fintech integration and built for the new era of open banking. Its reliable, secure performance is already proved in day-to-day operation at more than 150 banks around the world, where it is trusted to manage assets worth more than USD 4 trillion.

Future-proofing your core banking software

The Avaloq core banking software is a modular, fully integrated platform that has been hailed as a leader in its field by analysts from Gartner, Forrester, Celent, Aite Group and IBS. It is recognized the world over and has already won many awards for wealth management, core banking efficiency and technology innovation. It safeguards your future by providing extraordinary agility and flexibility and giving you a scalable, highly efficient foundation for growth.

Ready-to-bank SaaS

We don’t just equip you with world-class core banking software. With SaaS, we take care of deploying and managing your software at scale, via our secure and compliant managed cloud, giving you the benefits of low upfront costs, economical pay-per-use tariffs and fast access to efficiency-enhancing upgrades.

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We put users first

Core banking systems work best when they’re designed around people rather than functions. Our core banking software is intuitive and easy to use, for both bank staff and account holders. It takes account of the specific needs and context of every user, delighting every client and empowering every employee, while providing you with the industry’s most efficient platform.

Core banking that makes you digital ready

In a dynamic, unpredictable business world, you need a dynamic core banking platform. Compliance is a moving target, and efficiency is always essential. But so is the ability to adapt quickly, to launch new products in record time and to exploit cutting-edge fintech solutions to keep existing clients happy and address new market opportunities. You need a platform that is genuinely future-proof, with open APIs that support innovation and open banking. Here’s how we ensure you’re ready for the digital future:


Our single, unified semantic model guarantees you unmatched data consistency and integrity, supporting all your customers, from retail savers to ultra-high net worth individuals.


With more than 70 digital and core banking software modules to choose from, you can pick the solutions that precisely match your needs, from lightning-fast web and mobile services to reliable, efficient and economical middle and back-office operations.


Avaloq combines out-of-the-box efficiency with the flexibility to run ‘as is’ or to create customized services that make you stand out from the competition.


Client data security is right at the core of what we do. You can’t afford to take risks with your client data, and it’s our job to make sure you don’t.


Avaloq offers hundreds of open API endpoints and a unique, ever-growing store of pre-integrated third-party fintech solutions, so you can compete today and in years to come.

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The platform for open banking

Open banking is about much more than just complying with the new regulations. It’s about new market opportunities, new types of services and new classes of product. It will be a world of hybrid solutions, demanding a platform that will integrate seamlessly with new fintech and service providers to give the agility and rapid flexibility you need to keep your bank ahead of the game.

Avaloq’s modern, versatile set of industry-standard open APIs provides the firm and flexible foundation your bank needs to be relevant now and stay relevant through all the changes that lie ahead.

Don’t let the back office hold you back

With our BPaaS option, we can run the entire back office for you, as well as all your core banking software, providing world-beating efficiency and STP rates of almost 100%.

Automate, innovate and get ahead with BPaaS

“This new core banking system allows us to provide our employees with a new platform. With this, Raiffeisen Switzerland is laying the foundation for the agile implementation of future digital projects. We would like to thank everyone at Avaloq and ARIZON who has been involved in the project for their constructive and professional work.”

Rolf Olmesdahl

COO and Member of the Executive Board of Raiffeisen Switzerland