We offer true flexibility, so you can tailor our business services as required.

You can customize these two ways, using declarative languages (e.g. business rules to configure and adjust functionality) and Avaloq script, our own imperative programming language, to implement your own business logic.

Almost 100% of Avaloq data and business logic is accessible through Avaloq’s APIs via our data dictionaries. 

Avaloq also provides state-of-the-art business process, case management and business rule engines that allow the flexible customization of your business logic through BPMN 2.0/CMMN 1.0 and DMN 1.1.

Configuration that’s under control

Because Avaloq stores customisation details as source files in a shared repository, banks can implement test and audit processes on their configurations. Configuration changes can easily be utilised across different stages in the development lifecycle, including acceptance tests and production.  

Our aim is to enable customers to install configuration changes online, without incurring any downtime.

A model that’s truly open

All our customization and extension options are available in an open model for use by customers, partners and fintechs, making it quick and easy to introduce new business processes and functionality.

Web services and the discoverable web service definitions are generated automatically at run-time. You don’t have to decide between JSON over REST and more traditional SOAP services, as you can use both, side by side. Services that are created are automatically published to the service layer.

A system that’s modular

While today’s platform is already made up of various modules, each with their own APIs, we are always striving to achieve even greater decoupling, for instance, by exploiting microservices such as the one used in our goal-based wealth management capability.

This allows us to create standalone products that are easily integrated with external solutions, such as CRM systems. A decoupled, self-contained system like this can be deployed and scaled independently, as needed, for any specific situation.