Efficiency is in our DNA. It’s our speciality. It’s what makes us who we are. It has powered our growth and given the banks we work with a unique competitive advantage that pays off day by day, month by month and year by year.

It’s our job to take care of efficiency, so you can focus on your job of taking care of your clients.

Because we create our software, implement it and run it ourselves, every day of the year, in some of the world’s most streamlined and efficient service centres, we can give you operational cost savings no-one else can match.

Business Process as a Service

Our BPaaS experts are constantly fine-tuning Avaloq’s software which, together with the use of robotic process automation, ensures sky-high STP levels and world-class efficiency.

Software as a Service

With SaaS, we are able to deliver our software at scale, giving you the benefits of minimal upfront costs, pay-per-use tariffs and fast access to efficiency-enhancing upgrades.

Banking process standards

We use our experience of working with more than 150 banks to refine and adjust a standard set of industrial-grade, best-in-class, compliance-ready processes that we can make available to everyone.

Single consistent data model

The foundation we build on is a fully integrated solution based on a single data structure. It's obvious really, so why is that so rare?

Business Process as a Service beats all

Ultimate gains in efficiency are achieved with Avaloq’s unique model of running the whole transaction processing function. Here the benefits of automation, scale and standardized processes are maximized.

Data for Swiss banks that utilize Avaloq Business Process as a Service shows that they reduced their cost–income ratios, while the rest continued to see an average increase of 3.7% over the last three years.

Avaloq delivers proven efficiency gains

Orbis data shows that banks using Avaloq typically have cost–income ratios 4.6 percentage points below other banks in the same markets. For Switzerland, the difference is more than 15 percentage points. On average, banks with Avaloq have a 50% higher return on equity and more than double their competitors’ return on assets. Think what performance like that could do for your business.

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Examples from the front line

IT costs slashed by 27%, as 35 systems were replaced with Avaloq.

Cost-income ratio down 7pp, IT expenses down 20%, overall operating costs 8% lower.

Cost-income ratio driven down 8pp in just two years.

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Raiffeisen is the biggest retail banking group and the third-largest bank in Switzerland, with 11,000 staff and 3.8 million clients. It needed a modern, integrated core banking system that would deliver operational excellence and underpin new digital services. But Raiffeisen’s unique structure, as a network of 253 member banks and subsidiaries, meant that usability and flexibility were at a premium. Following one of the largest digital transformation projects in the financial industry, the Avaloq solution has allowed Raiffeisen to give 8,000 users sophistication without operational complexity, a new web-based front end and access to a powerful street-side platform.

"With the IT migration of LGT Bank Austria concluded at the beginning of 2019, all LGT Private Banking booking platforms, with the exception of the UK-based wealth management boutique LGT Vestra, now use Avaloq as their core banking system, which allows for a high level of operational efficiency.”

Official press release

March 18, 2019

"The migration of the operational platform and the outsourcing of support processes enable us to concentrate on our strengths and to free up resources for our core business – client advisory and investment management.”

Marco Bizzozero

Former CEO, Deutsche Bank (Switzerland)

“We are handling a lot more volume with the same head count. Our processing is much more efficient.”

Sandra Stonham

Managing Director, Technology and Operations, DBS